Cultivation of a perfect product

In order for us to be able to market good quality, healthy and delicious potatoes in the long term, it was important to us to have full control of our quality from start to finish. We were also aware that although the region of Moerzeke has the ideal climatic and soil conditions for growing potatoes, the local growers were increasingly disappearing.  In 2014, it was time for us to put our vision into practice. We leased our first areas of arable land close to our headquarters and started cultivating regional varieties for the first time. With keen interest and absolute dedication, we were soon able to gather our first experience in the planting and cultivation of potatoes. Our harvests were a success from the very first year onwards, and we have increased our yields year on year.

"The combination of product and region is what gives the "Moese Patatten" their unique and full flavour."

Family Verhelst


The special brand name of our products, "Moese Patatten", is derived from the region of Moerzeke. This area is not only blessed with a mild climate, it also has the ideal soil for potato cultivation on the banks of the River Schelde.. The region has often been subjected to flooding and the deposits left by the Schelde have resulted in a heavy clay soil which is rich in minerals. Our fields are located in the immediate vicinity of our production plant and are surrounded by the river which gives them a kind of natural protection.


Our own potatoes bring a number of benefits:

Healthy and regional production
Best quality right from the start
Unique taste
• A diverse range of varieties
Fresh and reliable delivery


Moese Patatten | white


Moese Patatten | red


People consume more resources than the earth is able to regenerate in any given period. This is why we need concepts that can offer intelligent solutions to the growing challenges that are now facing us...